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Area Rug Cleaning - Area rug - Staten island

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug CleaningArea Rug Cleaning

Our area rug cleaning service is one of our specialties. We have been cleaning rugs for over 20 years now and take pride in doing a great job. That is one the main reasons why we have at least 80% of repeat customers.

Unlike other rug cleaning companies, the cleaning staff here at Carpet Cleaner Staten Island are knowledgeable on the precious amount of cleaning fluids, water and methods to perfection in rug cleaning.

They are highly skilled in the different rug fabrics, origins and cleaning methods. Their backed by our cleaning guarantee, if we can’t get the stain out, most likely no one else can.

Area Rug Expert Cleaning The best thing about our area rug cleaning is we use light detergents to get rid of stains, odors, bacteria and germs from them. We use all natural cleaning fluids in our rug cleaning services, whether it be on site or off site cleaning. Chemical and odor free cleaning products are a MUST here at Carpet Cleaner Staten Island.

If you’re looking for the most useful and economical services for your rugs then you should hire us, Carpet Cleaners Staten Island.

We use superior machinery and tools for the ideal cleaning of area rugs. Your area rugs will get a newer look, as if you bought them now.

Our team know every step accurately to clean rugs. Importantly, we use industrial vacuum cleaners to absorb all particles before even washing your rug.

On Site Cleaning
We offer this service for inexpensive rugs that are either mildly stained or just require a quick freshening up, also that do not have fringes. If you have fine floors or wood floors we would suggest picking up the rug. The on-site estimator will inform you if they can clean the rug on site.

Off Site Cleaning
We offer this service for rugs that are badly stained, major odor, major urine, water or fire damaged, fine rugs, oriental rugs, persian rugs, moroccan rugs, antique rugs, silk rugs, shag rugs, custom made rugs, vegetable dyed rugs or any other rugs that we feel would get damaged with on site cleaning. If the rug requires a deep cleaning it would have to be cleaned in our facility. This is the only way to really work on spots and odors to get better results. We would bring your rug to our facility, clean the rug and return it back when it is complete.

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