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Carpet Cleaning

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The proper cleaning of carpets isn’t the only task of hands but also require distinctive tools for it. Hence,it is a fact that removing the dust and allergens is difficult without the proper know how and tools. That is why your only choice for your carpet cleaning needs should be Carpet Cleaner Staten Island. We are a popular firm for carpet cleaning in Staten Island and have been in the carpet cleaning business for over 20 years. We offer top of the line, inexpensive, odorless and chemical free carpet cleaning.

expert carpet cleaning gear staten islandWe all know that it is an extraordinary feeling to have a clean carpet after getting them cleaned. No matter what trait it is in, we have the excellent procedures to boosting your carpet’s appearance. Badly damaged carpets with stains and odors are our biggest challenge and greatest success. We do the moist thorough our remarkable services. We inspect the type of carpet you have which will determine the correct cleaning process for it. Our thorough carpet cleaning service is based on two factors. When was the carpet installed and when the last time the carpets were cleaned professionally.

Many of us feel embarrassed when visitors come in the house and see dirty carpets. This is one of the reasons you should have your carpets deep cleaned at last once a year. The carpet cleaning process performed by our employee has multiple steps. We use professional vacuum cleaners to remove the dust from the carpets. Then we wash your carpets with our high powered cleaner. After the cleaning we then extract out as much water as possible (99%). After that the carpet will usually be completely dry within a few hours.

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Because we use all chemical and odor free cleaning products you can walk on your carpets after only a couple of hours, your babies and pets as well.

We get out juice, coffee, tea, blood, food, vomit, urine, feces, mud, foot traffic and many other stains.

We also have our Maintenance Service packages. This will allow you to have a pre-appointment for your carpets. We will show up every six months, yearly or however you arrange it. We will also make sure to confirm the appointment 24 hours in advance in case you need to reschedule or cancel. NO contract is required and the price will never go higher, unless, of-course there are any water or fire damage issues. As one of our representatives further information.

If you want good cleaning at good prices, remember us, Carpet Cleaner Staten Island.

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