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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning

We clean and remove odors and stains from all types of Mattresses in the Staten Island area. We use state of the art equipment, organic cleaning fluids and our knowledge and experience in the successful cleaning of your mattress.

Bed bugs are a huge issue in New York and for that reason we have spent months in perfecting our Mattress cleaning service. After our deep cleaning is complete you are assured you will not suffer from Bed Bug issues.

Why it’s significant to rely on our services?

Hiring services of a competent firm like us is deeply important as far as mattress cleaning is concerned. A normal cleaning method would not be useful for you at all. The benefit of availing our expert cleaning service is that we are absolute technicians in this art and we know how to make your mattress bacteria and insect free.

During our expert mattress cleaning services, we will visit your home or office, inspect the mattress, issue you a price and perform the cleaning after that. Your mattress will by dry within 4-8 hours after we are done. We highly recommend keeping your windows open in the room the mattress is being cleaned, not only to speed up the drying process but to also make sure the mattress dries properly and without odor.

Besides your mattresses we can also clean your box spring and fabric headboard as well. You should clean your box spring every few years, same holds true with your fabric headboard.

As a qualified cleaning firm, we follow all cleaning protocols which is a sure way to make sure you get top notch cleaning.

Enjoy a sound sleep by using our services Staten Island

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