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Water and Fire Damage

Water and Fire Damage

Water & fire damagefire damage staten island

The damage caused by both water and fire are enormous and could be harmful. According to the statistics announced by National Fire Protection Association, the damage caused by a fire in the USA alone equaled to $12.5 billion in the year 2009. Furthermore, according to the stats of the year 2003, the fire commission was called in the USA after every 20th seconds. The statistics undoubtedly share the fact that fire has been a matter on the planet and some important loss can be caused by it.

Once you suffer a water damage (flooding) problem you should have the issue fixed by a plumber. After they have completed their work call us, Carpet Cleaner Staten Island, we will come over, day or night, issue an estimate and proceed with the service.

We extract the water, deep clean, deodorize, sanitize and do the same process over again to ensure you get no mold or mildew issues in the days to come. We urge you, do not wait until the water recedes. This is almost a GUARANTEE that mold and/or mildew will develop. Once that happens the problem will be huge and it will costs thousands of dollars to repair. The safest and best way to do this is to call us.

We use all chemical free and odor free cleaning products. You won’t have to smell any foul odor after we are done. You will just feel safe knowing the job has been done by a reparable company such as us.

After we are completely done with the water damage cleaning service it will take 24 hours for the carpets, rugs or upholstery to fully dry. If this is a basement area, we advise you to leave windows open overnight to not create mild or mold. Basements require ventilation after any water damage issues.

Why professionals?Water Damage in house

It is regularly a satisfying option to leave the damage restoration task to a company like us, who are experts in this art and have loads of experience. The harm caused by the fire is not that basic, not only does the fire burn the furniture of your home also it can additionally cause vulnerable smoke inhalation which can cause severe health problems such as asthma, allergic reactions, and respiratory illness also.

Our expert services are necessary in any water (flooding) disaster, exclusively in the case where you are confronted with standing water. These bugs have the qualification to penetrate in your rugs as well as carpets. It is recommended to dry these carpets and rugs ASAP. Nonetheless, examine the worst scenario where your carpets and area rugs are left in water for a while, well if such a thing happens then quickly call us, Carpet Cleaner Staten Island, experts in water and fire damage cleaning and restoration services.

water damage staten islandWhat we clean in regards to Water and Fire Damage?

We cleaned almost anything in your home or office…

All Area Rugs, Wall to Wall Carpets, Carpeted Tiles, Basement Carpets, Stairway Carpets, Hallway Carpets, Room Carpets, etc. + All Commercial buildings.water damage

No job is too big or too small for Carpet Cleaner Staten Island. So call us today for any Water and/or Fire Damage cleaning service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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